June 5, 2013

Father's Day Gift Anxiety

I have the hardest time trying to think of gifts for people. And I love my dad but I don't know what to get for him half the time and with Father's Day coming up on the 16th (eek!) I'm starting to get nervous. So here are some ideas I had for my dad that might help you if you're in the same quickly sinking gift boat (the worst of the boats):

Tickets to a Sporting Event
My dad has been saying for a while that he wanted to see a Detroit Tigers game. Pros- He'd love it. Cons- This would also require a hotel room and gas since we live so far away. I am poor. A good idea for another time.

My dad is easy to please (thankfully) so he'd probably be happy if I cooked a delicious dinner and made him his favorite dessert (apple pie). Pros- it's easy. Cons- I feel like I'm slacking off by not actually getting him anything.

Geek Stuff
He is a geek at heart and is in to some electronic stuff and typically anything that I think is really cool, he does too. So maybe ordering him something cool online? ThinkGeek has a Father's Day Gift Center that I will be spending much of my time browsing. Some seriously cool stuff on there. They also have a free shipping deal through noon on Friday so if I ordered something by then he'd still get it on time. Pros- Cool stuff! Cons- I don't know exactly what he would like. The joys of buying for others. Have I said "cool" enough yet in this paragraph? Cool.

So those are some ideas I had. Do you have any? I'm poor and a terrible shopper... I could seriously use help.

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