June 12, 2013

Period Crazy

I can't be the only person who loses their mind this time of the month (as in just before and during my period). It's like my brain goes haywire and I go between wanting to cry, hide in a room by myself or just punch anyone who happens to annoy me at that particular moment. And then I'll crazy laugh over stupid stuff... you know, that weird cackling laughter from a movie when someone's really lost it. It's like I'm a super villain. I can't make decisions sometimes and all I want is greasy, fatty foods. And chocolate. And chocolate shakes. And it makes me want to eat ALL THE THINGS!


Your body starts to work against you and that's when you don't want to be a girl anymore. Even if it's for a brief moment, it still goes through your head. You know what? I need a better example that sums all of this up. I found this on Pinterest. It is accurate.


  1. I call that time of the month 'Shark Week' no matter how long or short it lasts, because:

    1) The lady bits and a shark's brain are the same shape
    2) I get vicious and hungry
    3) I'm a shark and therefor shark week is as long as I say it is
    4) You can't argue with a shark


    1. Good one! It's true but I tend to feel more crazy than shark-like. Maybe like Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland? He's slightly off and yet he has moments when you're like "get away from me because I'm afraid you will stab me." Or is that just me?