October 26, 2011

Another Year Older

Today I turn 27. I remember being so excited about my birthday when I was younger, when there were age milestones I was trying to reach. 16 to drive, 18 for independence and then 21. But now? I just want to live the best way that I can. I don't worry about aging, it's a natural process... though I may feel different about that later when I start finding wrinkles and gray hairs. I think my goal is to age without fear and without regrets. We only get one life and we never know when it will end.

October 13, 2011

For the Love of Baseball

As I was watching the Detroit Tigers (go Tigers!) game the other night I started to think about why I love baseball. I like going to games but watching it on TV will occasionally bore me. So why do I really love baseball?

I think it mostly has to do with it always being a part of my life. My Dad would play catch with us frequently and my family used to play in my Grandma's back yard whenever we all got together. Summers we used to go to the beach and listen to Ernie Harwell announce Tigers games over the radio.

 You are missed, Ernie

I remember going to my first baseball game in Milwaukee at Milwaukee County Stadium and being awestruck by the players, the stadium and the fans. But my most memorable game was at Tiger Stadium, the last season before they moved into Comerica Park. I still remember so much of that game and the stadium. I loved it and I would love to go to another game. Every year I say I would like to see another game but life seems so hectic. Life has never been as simple as when I was a kid playing baseball or sitting at the beach listening to Ernie Harwell over the sound of the waves. I guess the real reason I love baseball is because it gave me a connection to my dad that will stick with me until the day I die.