August 22, 2011

E-book Prices Give Me a Headache

There is really no reason an e-book should cost more than a paperback. I mean, think about it. There is no cost for paper, ink, printing, etc. The publishers set the cost and I understand them not wanting to lose money, but come on! What "reason" do they have for making something that costs them practically nothing to create vs the printing of a paperback? I come with examples....

All of the books above cost more than their paperback version, while the example below is at least the same.
I am more likely to buy something that is the same or (preferably) lower cost as the paperback. Am I the only one practically outraged by this? I think everyone who has the same issue needs to write to the publishers and demand lower prices. I didn't pay $150 for an e-reader to spend more money on books after all.

August 17, 2011

The Help

I went to see The Help with some family yesterday. If you haven't read the book I would suggest it. It's about these women during the civil rights movement in Jackson, Mississippi in the 60's. It's both touching and heartbreaking. The movie was great, especially when you consider that it was based on a book that I read. Usually when I see a movie based on a book I am disappointed but it managed to get the most important parts of the book. Some parts were changed, but that's understandable.... you can only fit in so much. All of the actors were really good, especially Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer who play Aibileen Clark and Minny Jakson. Emma Stone was also good as Skeeter Phelan.

Here's the trailer!