January 24, 2016

What Year is it?

So I'm pretty sure I missed some stuff. It's kind of like I just spent time on the TARDIS and the Doctor dropped me off at the wrong time... as he does.

OR... a kid and classes has made this "writing thingy" a non-priority in my life. The TARDIS sounds more exciting, but my teething kid did bite my shoulder tonight while trying to chew on my shirt and I almost cried. So I don't think I would do well in the Doctor's stressful situations.

This kid ruined my body, 
but strangely in a way I don't mind.

But Liam (my bebe) is almost 1 now and has a fairly nerdy bedroom. My house is a disaster and my body will never be the same. Lots of stressful health-related things happened during my pregnancy so if anybody wants to chat about pre-natal diabetes and pre-eclampsia testing and/or thyroid stuff comment or send me a message because I feel like a professional. I'll be back more often eventually.