November 30, 2012

My Favorite Things: November

The Product Farm has these awesome "wine tumblers" (basically wine sippy cups). Actually, they're so awesome that they're currently sold out. I hope they get restocked soon because I need to order one for my sister for Christmas.

Space Janitors is a new web series on Youtube on the Geek and Sundry channel. Just watch it.

My husband found a list of Old English Insults that are hilarious for, you know, when you want to insult someone whilst sounding like a sir. Have fun with this one. I know I will!

The last thing for this month that I've been doing a lot of is playing around on my iphone my sister got me for my birthday because her and my brother-in-law are awesome. I've been downloading and trying new apps almost every day... OK, every day. I can't help it! There are just so many awesome things! I decided to try iTunes U, an educational app. I geeked out when I found out you can follow courses on so many different subjects. Today I started the course "Life in the Universe" from Ohio State. If you're interested in the idea of finding life outside of earth I'd recommend the course. Also, as a bonus, no homework. Learning for free without the torture of homework and fear of bad grades? Count me in!

iTunes U Library
Some of the courses I want to try out

November 28, 2012

This Would Put Me In a Chocolate Coma

I saw something in the store yesterday that I was both impressed and disgusted by. Have you ever seen a chocolate bar so big you question why someone would even make something like that? I did!

HUGE Chocolate Bar
That's my sister in law. She has a head and legs but I didn't think she'd want
unflattering pictures of her on my blog. Even though she has put plenty of me on Facebook...

I think that if a person actually tried to eat this they wouldn't live very long after. This is a chocolate bar for a large crowd. Maybe a family of 10... and it would take them a while to eat it. If you decide to buy this just be careful! I don't want to see Hershey's being sued for someone going into a coma after eating this.

November 26, 2012

Random Blog of Randomness

I don't have enough of 1 thing to write about for me to feel like they're worth their own posts, so here's a few randoms that I've seen lately.

For example, I actually left the house to go out with my husband and some of his friends this weekend. At a local drinking establishment (fancy way of saying bar) one of the chairs was coming apart. At least I think it was... I could barely see it with the camouflage tape on it.

Camouflage duct tape

And then we went bowling, which is both fun and not fun at the same time. Fun when you're doing well but gutter balls make me feel like I've ruined everything.


The best part of babysitting is playing with toys. And spending time with the kids or whatever.

My nephew's creation is on the left

November 20, 2012

Easily Amused

That guy I somehow married and I were walking around an unnamed store today when I saw a vacuum called the "Vacmaster." As I have the mind of a 10 year old boy I wanted to deface it. But since I'm a "grown up" I just took a picture of it and doodled over it. Because I'm responsible.

I have a dirty mind

November 16, 2012

Kids Make Me Tired

I honestly don't know how parents with young kids aren't permanent zombies. 2 full days (8 hours) of watching my 2 year old niece and I'm exhausted.

She's cute... but also slightly evil

It's like she finds any strand of energy I have and grabs it with her little fists of fury and tugs it all out of me. I don't know what I'll do when she no longer gets an hour nap time. I was already thinking today how much I miss her not knowing how to open a door... not that I would have locked her in anywhere, but it would be nice to have her stay in a room for more than 30 seconds.

Watching Dora, SpongeBob and Wonder Pets only grabs her attention for a few seconds at a time. So to you people with kids, if you ever need some coffee or caffeine let me know. I'll leave it for you at your door and run away. Because I'm not watching your kids for you so you can have a break.

November 13, 2012

This Tree is in a Body Bag

My parents got a new Christmas tree this year so they gave me their old one. I was surprised to see that the tree had died. And we were sad. However, I plan on resurrecting it after Thanksgiving. I will not put it up before then because it would feel like I'm cheating on Thanksgiving with Christmas.

This tree is deceased. Bag it!
Last year I had 2 small trees rather than a large one. Because I was kind of being a scrooge... which is fine. I'm just going to stick with the claim that I was being minimalistic and saving space. I still think my mini-sized nerd tree from last year was the best ever.

Ornaments= Nerdaments
 I should make large size ones for the big tree now! I'm dreaming of a giant nerd tree Christmas....

I also realize it is too soon to be talking about Christmas and trees and stuff, but it's just sitting here and until I find somewhere to put it it's going to continue to sit here and make me think we have a body in our living room. A giant, weirdly shaped, non-smelly body.

November 6, 2012


Today is Election Day in 'Merica.

Save the kittens
This day is important to me because women didn't have the right to vote until 1920 (that's just 92 years ago, kids). I don't want to let down those women who worked so hard so women generations later could let their voices be heard and to have their opinion count. Also, it is our right (and privilege). Today people are being told to go out and vote, but I feel like this needs to be expanded to "vote responsibly."

By this I mean that everyone who casts a vote should have done some research into why they are voting how they are. Are you voting Republican or Democrat simply because that's how your parents vote or because that person supports (or doesn't support) the issues you are most passionate about?

I'm not going to get into my beliefs at the moment or tell who I'm voting for... because it's personal and private. I just get tired of people who go with the crowd (who ever their crowd is) and have no independent thought. So if you're registered and able to vote in this election, please think critically about what choices you make because your vote is important!

That is all.