November 13, 2012

This Tree is in a Body Bag

My parents got a new Christmas tree this year so they gave me their old one. I was surprised to see that the tree had died. And we were sad. However, I plan on resurrecting it after Thanksgiving. I will not put it up before then because it would feel like I'm cheating on Thanksgiving with Christmas.

This tree is deceased. Bag it!
Last year I had 2 small trees rather than a large one. Because I was kind of being a scrooge... which is fine. I'm just going to stick with the claim that I was being minimalistic and saving space. I still think my mini-sized nerd tree from last year was the best ever.

Ornaments= Nerdaments
 I should make large size ones for the big tree now! I'm dreaming of a giant nerd tree Christmas....

I also realize it is too soon to be talking about Christmas and trees and stuff, but it's just sitting here and until I find somewhere to put it it's going to continue to sit here and make me think we have a body in our living room. A giant, weirdly shaped, non-smelly body.

1 comment:

  1. Freaky!! LOL It does look like a body bag, with an occupant in it!!! Hahahaha