August 26, 2013

Favorite Things: August

I have a bad habit of collecting t-shirts. I almost have more than I can wear in a month (mostly because I have to be a professional and can only wear them 3 days a week tops) and yet I want more. There are a couple of cool websites I look at a lot. One is bustedtees and the other is J!NX.

Albert Einstein: Time Mason (comic) by Tony Donley.

Albert Einstein travels through time and looks like a young Tom Selleck. It looks funny and quirky and that's just the kind of comic I can appreciate! For as little as $1 you can get the first issue in PDF format. For $12 you can get the print version plus a signed 6.5/10 print and a couple other perks. Hurry up and check it out... The Kickstarter ends August 31st!

Loot Crate
This month was my first time getting Loot Crate. I heard about it from a couple of YouTube unboxing videos last month and thought it looked cool... every month I'll get a geeky present. From myself. Plus if you get it right now and enter the code "ANIMATE" when you check out you'll get 12% off! There are some pros and cons with it, though.

The pros: You get cool stuff and the total amount of the items in the box would cost you more to buy them individually, so you're going to get your moneys worth.
The cons: You may not always like what you get. It's a chance you have to take if you get it every month.

If you like surprises and want some cool mail every month, I recommend this! Plus it makes a great gift!

The shirt: Caffeine Power Up from Shirt.Woot
The vinyl zombie: Walking Dead Blind Box Mystery Minis

August 23, 2013

I Have a Dirty Mind: Trucks and Unicorns

I keep seeing things on top of other things that makes me start giggling. For example, I saw some trucks the other day that were very happy to see each other.

Not in public, trucks!

And then I saw some unicorns in the store that looked like they needed a room.

There is nothing more beautiful than unicorn love!

But in my mind these unicorns love each other and will soon be separated by shoppers unwilling to bring them both home. They will be forever torn apart and will fall into a deep, deep unicorn depression until they meet another stuffed animal they can develop a relationship with, though it will never compare to their true love. They will spend the rest of their stuffed and furry lives with the knowledge that they loved deeply once and that their true unicorn love is out there somewhere never to be seen again. So they're taking what they can for however long they have together.

Wow... that just went from something dirty to a sad unicorn love story. I would apologize but I wouldn't mean it. Have a great weekend!

August 16, 2013

I Will Not Be Ignored...

The husband and I were in the grocery store the other day getting a few things for dinner. As were were getting ready to check out he saw someone he used to work with and decided to say "hi" while I checked out. After about 10 minutes of waiting in the car I decided to start bugging him until he left.

And then he finally got in the car.

August 12, 2013

Fictional Character Fun!

Just something fun for a Monday!

I was bored this weekend and found this! And.... Go! My choices:

1. Hermione Granger
2. Steve Rogers (
Captain America)
3. Tony Stark
4. The Doctor
5. Sam Winchester
6. Dean Winchester
7. John Watson

This would be the best dinner ever! The genius at this table (plus the hotness) would be awesome. Who would you choose?

August 9, 2013

Apparently I Think About Hookers A Lot

Last week I made a couple of analogies that just happened to be about hookers. I'm not sure why I thought about them but they were fitting.

At work my boss was talking about the local Farmers Market and how people were getting angry if people had their booth in "their spot".
Me: They have spots? Like how hookers have street corners?
Her: You know that is actually very true!
Me: Huh. Who knew?
 You want to buy some tomatoes?

My husband and I were talking about Afghanistan and how the government wants to extend its presence there past 2014.
Me: Weren't they supposed to be getting out of there?
Him: Yeah it's going to cost a lot more to keep troops there.
Me: It's like a hooker. The longer you're in the more it's going to cost you.
Him: I suppose.....
And then I realized that I could probably make a lot more analogies about hookers. There is probably a better use of my time...

PS It was super awkward to Google image search for clip art prostitutes. I worried about what would show up. Image searches can be risky. Just thought you should know.