August 23, 2013

I Have a Dirty Mind: Trucks and Unicorns

I keep seeing things on top of other things that makes me start giggling. For example, I saw some trucks the other day that were very happy to see each other.

Not in public, trucks!

And then I saw some unicorns in the store that looked like they needed a room.

There is nothing more beautiful than unicorn love!

But in my mind these unicorns love each other and will soon be separated by shoppers unwilling to bring them both home. They will be forever torn apart and will fall into a deep, deep unicorn depression until they meet another stuffed animal they can develop a relationship with, though it will never compare to their true love. They will spend the rest of their stuffed and furry lives with the knowledge that they loved deeply once and that their true unicorn love is out there somewhere never to be seen again. So they're taking what they can for however long they have together.

Wow... that just went from something dirty to a sad unicorn love story. I would apologize but I wouldn't mean it. Have a great weekend!

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