April 24, 2014

What Happened

I had this plan to get back to writing again. I even had some topics picked out. But then we moved and have more painting and house prep things to do and I no longer have internet or TV at home so I feel like I'm living in some strange universe.


I can't even express the withdrawals. And it's not because we haven't gotten around to hooking it up yet. We literally can't get internet faster than 512kb right now. In case you don't speak internet, it's faster than dial-up but still too slow to do anything of use. I can't watch YouTube and it takes forever just to load Pinterest. I can't even stream Pandora because it's so slow. I live in the middle of nowhere. God help me I'm turning into the hermit I dreamed of except in my mind I also had internet. I CAN'T BE A HERMIT WITHOUT INTERNET!

So now I'm sitting in the local library using their internet during my lunch break. On my iPad mini. It's hard to type on this thing. This might be my life now. I love the library because books, but some of the patrons not so much. Seriously there is a guy in here talking on his phone... Loudly. THIS IS A LIBRARY SHUT YOUR FACE! The first rule of the library is THERE IS NO LOUD TALKING IN THE LIBRARY. I'm getting really worked up, sorry about that.


On the positive side I might finally get around to finishing that book I've been writing (haha not really- more like ignoring) for a couple of years. But I am amazing at procrastinating so I doubt it. Someone inspire me or something because my brain isn't good at convincing me to finish things.

P.S. Sorry if the layout is all weird I'm trying to use the Blogger app to write this and it needs work. I need to start carrying a backpack around for my laptop. Because apparently I don't look lame enough.