June 7, 2013

You Will Be Assimilated

Warning: This post contains Doctor Who references

I get really excited when people I know start to like the nerdy things that I do. It's like I'm welcoming them to all of the references on Tumblr. "You will finally understand so many more things on the internet!"

Also, you get to have conversations that other people won't understand. For example, my friend posted this on Facebook leading to strange comments:

Me: If only he would have carried balloons with him for that episode! Then it would have been a gift rather than just breathing on them.

Me: I bet my previous comment sounds weird to people who haven't seen the show...

Jess: lmao yep we watch shows where all they do is breath on each other

Who wouldn't want to be a part of this mysterious group? Strange things like this is also part of the reason we are such good friends.

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