June 26, 2013

I Was Scared by a Doll

I was babysitting yesterday and apparently my niece felt that her baby doll needed to take a nap... in my bed. She forgot about it and I was a bit startled when I went in to my room later and looked over to see a baby staring at me. I may have said something like "what the hell?" but I can't remember because it scared me so much my mind blanked for a couple of seconds.

I've been slightly afraid of dolls ever since I saw about 2 minutes of Chucky when I was a kid. Don't mock my fears... Chucky was horrifying. So much so that I put all of my dolls in a garbage bag and made my parents hide them in the basement. And that was the end of my wanting to play with dolls ever again. And that was also when I realized my dad was bad at making me feel less scared about stuff like that. I'll have to tell you that story at another time... it's awesome and terrible.

Stop staring at me

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