June 18, 2013

Don't Complain You're Going to Ruin it!

I saw an article on USA Today about One Million Moms being upset over the new Kraft ad. I think it's for salad dressing but I'm not really sure because I was distracted by manliness. But it's for something Kraft so I get the idea.

"Zesty Guy"
This is a marketing strategy I can appreciate

I'm just happy it's not another naked woman. I mean, that seems pretty typical to have a scantily clad woman trying to sell a product but this is something us females can appreciate. Women need some eye candy too, so stop complaining because they'll stop with these kinds of ads and I don't want them to! You're going to ruin it for all of us!

But this is also the organization that complained about JCPenney choosing Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson. There are worse things to start complaining about. We're objectifying men for once! Let's celebrate!

Now I'm going to go buy anything Kraft because just looking at him makes me want to purchase stock or something. Also, they got me to mention and think about Kraft more than I would have otherwise. Clever... sneaky and clever.

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