October 9, 2013

Real Life Is Scary Enough Thanks

October is the month that a lot of people want to be scared because of Halloween and all that fun nonsense. But when you think about it, as you get older certain stuff just doesn't scare you anymore. I mean, spiders still scare me, but we have a history so that makes sense. And then there's zombies... I love/hate them.

You want some real life scary stuff? How about this: Taxes & audits! Mortgages! Late periods! A weird looking mole! Gray hairs & wrinkles! A dirty house and my mom is coming over!!! The horror! The HORROR!

So I don't watch a lot of scary movies, which these days seem more gore and violence than mental or anticipation. But Child's Play (click here to read about how Chucky ruined my childhood) and The Dark Crystal used to scare me so I'm not the best judge of what is scary. Except The Dark Crystal. Stupid freaky puppets.

Seriously... look at this thing!

The weird part is, I like to watch and read scary(ish) stuff sometimes. The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and Resident Evil are some of my favorites, though those seem more suspenseful to me than deep-down terror that won't let me sleep at night. Then again I don't want that, so it's fine with me.

What scares you this time of the year? Mine is mostly the number of scantily clad young women on Halloween. It's cold out! You could get sick! Does your mother know you're leaving the house like that? What will the neighbors say? At least take a jacket with you, young lady!

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