October 30, 2013

Favorite Things: October (Birthday Edition!)

I had a birthday this past weekend filled with fun times and a lot of food. Seriously... a lot of food. And cake. It was wonderful and I'm probably going to blog about it soon. And since this is my blog and it was just my birthday, I'm going to talk about things I like... because I can! So here are some things I liked that I got either around or for my birthday.

Things I got that just happened to be around my birthday

This month's Lootcrate theme was "Survival" and it came with this spectacular "Ewoking Dead" shirt from GraphicLab Tees! They have them on the site still but they're limited edition so hurry and get one!

 I love both Ewoks & The Walking Dead
so I was gleeful to get this! GLEEFUL!

It also came with the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks (who also wrote the book World War Z).

Mental gifts to myself

Go Mighty
There is a lot of stuff I want to try and this helps me keep track. So now every time I think "hey I'd like to try/do that someday" I can just add it to my list- simple! Plus I can remember to blog about it after I check it off! Check out my list here and offer suggestions!

Buttoned Up is a great website for organization! They even have free printouts so I can get all organized without having to buy things to help me get organized. I love free things.

Things I'm buying myself

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh came out on October 29th (which I'm hoping to get in the mail soon). Allie Brosh is a blogger and the great thing about Allie's stuff is that I liked it even before I knew what it was. Allie is the creator of the "ALL THE THINGS!" meme I've seen all over the interwebs. Her blog is hilarious (the drawings really make it) and I can't stop myself from giggling every time I read it.

Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft is a graphic novel I've heard a lot about so I finally decided to check it out- I ordered it the same time as the other book mentioned so I hope it get them soon. It's supposed to be creepy and since it's Halloween time and I like to read scary stuff, it seemed like a good time to read it.

Video Games
Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. I get to be a bad-ass pirate. Isn't that enough!? Seriously though, I just started playing it yesterday and it's awesome! I'M A PIRATE!

I'm on a boat!

Stuff I got from other people

Doctor Who
My sister knitted me the 4th Doctor's scarf, which will be extra warm in the winter but nearly impossible to wear (it is, like Tom Baker's scarf, ridiculously long). She also sent me a TARDIS mug that will be kept full of warm liquids this winter. It's shaped like a TARDIS and everything!

My friend at work (Thanks, Ashley!) also got me a TARDIS travel mug (among many other cool things) so I can take my warm liquids to go!

My husband ordered me a couple of shirts from shirtwoot! that I was very happy with. One was the "Wishful Thinking" t-rex and "It Came Out of Nowhere" (car from Back to the Future crashing into the TARDIS).

Wishful Thinking

Happy end of October! Now I have to prepare for the dreaded "No Shave November". I hate it so much.


  1. Happy Birthday! I ordered my first Lootcrate because of the zombie theme and was also gleeful when I saw the Ewoking Dead shirt. It's like the perfect combination! And as soon as I get my next paycheck, I'm buying the Hyperbole and a Half book.