November 4, 2013

Out Of The House... For Shopping!

I had some fun times over my birthday and I have had way too much cake over the last 2 weekends. It was all excellent and even though I do love cake, I've had a bit much in too short of a time span. Somehow, though it pains me to say it, I am all caked out. I know, I'm surprised, too. Plus on top of all of the extra Halloween candy I did something I rarely do... I turned down a cookie. I think I'm sick, guys.

TARDIS cake by Ashley; HP cake by Heather

My Birthday weekend I went to Birch Run, MI to do some shopping with my family (Mom, Aunts, Cousin, & Grandma) and we took a quick trip over to Frankenmuth so I could be forced into the Christmas hell that is Bronner's. If you don't know what that is, it's a HUGE store that is full of Christmas decorations and other stuff. I think a good 85% of it's stock is ornaments. It was cool at first, but after my Mom made me follow her around for 3 hours on our first visit, I never wanted to go back. I'm still slightly traumatized.

I found the ornament that fits me, somehow.

It also has weird elves that welcome you. And a room with display cases full of tiny, creepy dolls. And Christmas patterened toilet paper! It did have some cool decorations though.
And a sexily posed Santa!
 He tried to seduce me with Christmas cheer

See what that place does? It even somehow made this post Christmas themed. I felt bad for the people who work there because of the constantly playing Christmas music. I imagine it might be one of those things you can tune out after awhile... or it will drive you crazy and you'll end up quitting. One of those.

The only thing about the hotel that made me nervous was that the corner of the bathroom had been on fire at some point.
What happened here?!

But over all I was glad I got to go and see some of my family members I don't see often enough. We are all hilarious when we get together and a lot of fun was had. Plus we got to take a carriage ride. So, you know... it was extra awesome and stuff.

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