November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, I'm Scared To Go Out!

There is something about turkey that makes people ravenous for savings/shopping. All of these Black Friday deals that have people up at 4am just to go to a store to get some money off some stuff because it's a deal. This makes me a little afraid to leave my house. I like to call it the "Black Friday Madness" because people get crazy. Just a couple of years ago some lady pepper sprayed people at a Walmart in California... I'm not joking, the story was on CNN. My favorite quote from the story is this:
"I tried to get away as quickly as possible because I didn't think it was worth it. No deal's worth that," he said.
I was slightly amused. A deal is worth being surrounded by shoppers that will flip if you try to reach for the same thing as them, but at least they draw the line at pepper spray.

That's why I'm staying in and shopping online. Because at least they can't reach through the computer and stab me. Amazon is having some really good deals on Kindle books right now so I was really excited. Plus ThinkGeek is having a 40% sale... so I'm tempted to order some geeky Christmas presents. Happy Thanksgiving! And remember not to pepper spray anyone unless it's worth it!

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