October 15, 2013

Homeowner Anxiety

We closed on our house this month! And now I'm having anxiety... I'm going to give myself an ulcer or something. Most of it comes from the fact that it's a duplex and we're renting out the other side. There were renters that were already living next door that decided to tell us the night before closing that they were moving out. Great! After 2 years they decided to leave when we need renters the most. Ugh.

 I'm freaking out!

On the plus side (trying to be positive) we get to start fresh. The expensive part is that the rent we got was going to cover mortgage payments and there is a lot (A LOT) of work to be done because they weren't exactly easy on the place and it has needed maintenance for a while. We have to completely gut the bathroom. Down to the studs! EEK! And we also need to get some newer kitchen appliances... and flooring... and every room needs paint. So hopefully when we're done it will be one f*#king FANTASTIC looking place!

So if my blog posts start to look like I'm spending way too much time watching HGTV, it's probably because I am. Or if I don't post at all it's because I'm elbow deep in paint or other projects. I feel like I'm going to get crazy with stress until the work is done and the place is rented. I'm seriously losing my mind, guys. I about had a breakdown picking a neutral paint color. Why are there so many shades of white?! So I just gave up and picked a white because my brain was going to implode if I thought about it too much longer. And funnily enough the paint sample I brought back matches the color that's there almost exactly- so now I'll know what to get to refresh it the next time we need to. The stress fun of home ownership has begun.

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