May 31, 2012

Spiders are Dicks

If you've ever had a spider wake you up like I did last night you know what I mean. The little shit was crawling on my nose when I woke up.

I'm a dick!

At about 3 this morning I woke up to the feeling like my nose was being tickled. Usually the cat decides she needs to bother me in the morning so I thought it was just her whiskers. I lifted up my hand to shoo her away and instead I find my hand placed on a spider, which I then pulled off me and flung across the room. Somehow my flailing didn't wake up my husband (thanks by the way for sleeping through my horror).

What kind of asshole insect crawls on your face? It's just rude. I don't purposefully go looking for spiders to crawl on their face with my feet... I'm afraid of spiders so I make my husband introduce them to death for me.

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