May 1, 2012

Getting Philosophical

Warning! Ridiculousness ahead!

I have times that I'm amazed at the miracle that is human existence. I know that it sounds cheesy or that I'm high on something (which I'm not, unless you consider peppermint patties a drug) but when you think about it... that we CAN think about it... gets my brain working almost as hard (that's what she said) as when I think about time travel.

The fact that we have come so far into human evolution that we can talk and write and think and just exist is in itself, pretty amazing. Whenever someone has a baby I think about what had to happen for that baby to exist. People had to meet and have sex hundreds and thousands of years back in order for us to exist today. That's a lot of copulation! And now you can take someone's sperm that you've never met and create a baby that way!

I think sometimes about what had to happen in order for me to exist. My Grandpa (my father's father) died when my dad was a boy. If he hadn't died my dad would never have moved away after high school and met my mom and they wouldn't have been married and had me and my sister (who now has a son). A man had to die so I could come along. It's staggering really. It's part of why I believe everything happens for a reason. Something shitty might happen and we may never know why until years later.

So here's to fate, if you believe in it. And here's to the miracle of human existence!

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