December 31, 2016

Favorite Things- 2016

I kind of missed an entire year of favorite things. So, to sum up, here are my favorite things of 2016.

Bath/Body Products

One of my favs
I am obsessed with Lush bath bombs. They're on the expensive side (especially considering I can't actually fit my entire body in to my tiny bath) but they are wonderful and have made me love taking a bath.

I found a cheap foundation I really love Maybelline's Fit Me Matt & Poreless Foundation. Pretty much all I've had around me are drug stores and I'm just getting used to wearing makeup more frequently since High School, so this has been great.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness is a beautiful, wonderful, sad book that made me cry ugly tears at the end and now I have a slight hatred for the author for making that happen.

I probably would have more if I hadn't spent the year reading textbooks and if I had free time I watched TV instead. Next year.


The Librarians is one of my favorite shows to watch. Which is surprising because it is fairly cheesy, but I love their adventures. The TV show is a spin off of The Librarian movies starring Noah Wyle. There is adventure, action, and I find them to be a lot of fun.

Stranger Things is a show pretty much everyone has talked about since it was added to Netflix. Because it is awesome. 1980's, nerdy kids, good music, and sci-fi are a lot of the things I love.

 I also have really liked watching Grand Tour, with the former hosts of Top Gear. I missed seeing them and was really excited when it was announced they were going to be on a new show. Sorry BBC, you effed up.

I haven't seen many movies this year, partially because they tore down my local movie theater to build a Meijer. And my rentals have been far and few between because, well... Netflix. But one new movie I did see this year was The Magnificent Seven. I love a good Western and it had been quite a while since I'd seen one. It's worth a watch.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Wait, how did that get here? But I truly do love my candles. Otherwise I wouldn't make them and use them every day. Really, it's an obsession. They're book/fandom/nerd themed. Occasionally I'll put up other stuff, like when I had dinosaur ornaments up for Christmas.

Other Stuff
I graduated with my Bachelor's degree! Cum Laude, bitches! The work to get my degree sucked but I'm glad I'm done with it.

I would probably have more but I have a child clinging to me and crying because I don't know why. I hope you had a good 2016 and will have a better 2017! Because the internet says 2016 was basically a dumpster fire of a year. I don't disagree that much, but some things were good at least!

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