December 14, 2016


After working full-time, going back to school to get my degree, and having a baby (all at the same time) I'm finally back at this writing thing because I GRADUATED! I don't know if you can tell by the all caps but I'm really excited about it. I've missed writing about things that haven't been assigned to me by a professor. I don't exactly have THAT much more time in my life, but it's a good 8 hours a week anyway.

The best news is I can read something again that isn't a text book. Don't get me wrong, I love learning. I just missed reading something fictional. The first book on my list is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. I haven't read the full first chapter yet but I really like it so far. So the plan is for the book part of my blog and the sometimes funny-ish part of my blog to start seeing more of me again. I do have to warn you that I was a political science major so getting out of the "everything is political mode" is why I haven't written much the past couple of years. Nobody wants to listen to my political opinion. Everybody goes to Facebook or Twitter if they want political opinions that don't matter.

Also, I sell candles on Etsy now so there's that. will take you to the store. They're pop culture/ fandom/ book themed. I just have a few scents for now and will be adding more on later. Because candle making and the start-up costs are kind of expensive! Just ask my husband... actually, no. He just gets mad about it. But I love candles!

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