December 29, 2016

But I'm Not Even in the Theater

I had a weird dream last night that woke me up this morning around 4am. I got a part in a traveling musical and I was very excited. For some reason my dad was bringing me to the venue for the first show. First I couldn't find the dressing room and when I finally found it the men and women shared some kind of weird locker room that was all toilet stalls and on the other side of the room showers. No lockers. And then I panicked because I didn't know my lines. We had no dress rehearsal and I hadn't learned my lines yet and as I realized this I woke up in a panic because I was unprepared... I didn't even know for sure what show I was in. I think Fiddler on the Roof, which is weird because I've never seen it, or it could have been Les Mis which would have been better because that's all singing and I at least know those songs. 

Here's the thing... I've never done musical theater. I haven't done a play since I was a Junior in High School so I have no idea where this came from. But apparently that didn't matter to my 4am mind. I woke up sweating and panicking because I didn't know my lines. WHAT.

I think my subconscious is worried I'm unprepared for something, though I'm not sure what that is. It would be great if my brain could tell me what that is exactly because I have no idea. Blissful ignorance is better, brain... trust me.

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