January 7, 2017


In the spirit of trying something new, I found the Twitter account @_Wordbound, which challenges writers weekly and decided to try it out. Because why not? Sometimes it can be difficult to discover things to write about when all you do is come home from work and hang out with an almost 2 year old. So here we are.

What are my personal writing goals for 2017? I suppose writing more is about it, and to write more I think I will need to try new things. This could be anything from a new food or recipe, a new book, a new music genre, even a new workout. Maybe not the workout because exercise is terrible. Necessary for a healthy life but terrible.

The final part: what does #wordbound mean to you? It means putting some effort in to writing, which I have wanted to do for some time. Here is to new things in 2017!

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