December 31, 2012

Resolution Time

It's that time again when people make lists of things they want to do in the next year that they will give up on within a month. I made a list last year and got most of them done, so close enough. I'd like to try again this year with simple-ish (I hope) goals.

1. Watch seasons 1-3 of the original Star Trek on Netflix... because 1960's William Shatner is a hottie.
2. Read 20+ books
3. Lose 10-20 pounds before my High School reunion. Hopefully with the help of the Zombies, Run! app. Because I need motivation to run, and what could be more motivating than being chased by zombies?
4. Finish a story! This was a goal last year that I failed at so I'm putting it in my list again this year.
5. Finish a home project and blog about it.
6. Double my Kiva loans from last year. Hopefully more but that depends on funds.
7. Be anonymously awesome. I did this last year but I put it back on because I want to do it again.
8. Participate in World Book Night. If I'm not selected as a giver I'm hoping I can buy a couple of books on my own and give them away.
9. Make a vlog. Another goal from last year that I actually did. Maybe this time I'll actually share it. Maybe.
10. I don't have a 10th goal that I can think of right now, I just didn't want to leave it at 9.

If you have goals of your own this year, good luck!

Happy New Year!


  1. Nice Resolutions there, kiddo!! Hey, how do I follow you?

    1. You can follow through your wordpress account

  2. Great reaading your blog post