January 3, 2012

2012 Goals

I'm not going to have a "resolution" this year because I never follow through with them. Instead, this year I'm going to have a few goals. Nothing big, but things that I can focus on throughout the year.

Specific Goals-
1. Finish a story- I have quite a few stories I started but never finished. It doesn't have to be 100% done, but I would like to have a draft.
2. Enter photography into at least 1 contest- I keep saying that I would like to but have yet to do so.
3. Make a vlog- I don't have to post it but if I like it I might do more. I always liked different ways of self expression.
4. Volunteer to do at least 1 thing- I don't care if it's just dropping a bag of food off at an animal shelter or volunteering at an event. I just want to do something to help make the world suck less.
5. Be anonymously awesome- do something nice for someone without them knowing who I am.
6. See The Hobbit (comes out in December!)- if the world hasn't ended by then.
General Goals-
7. Call people I love more often- just to let people know I'm thinking of them.
8. Continue to eat better & exercise- I started in December and I would like to continue into this year. I was going to put "continue to lose weight" but I think that by having a healthier lifestyle those things will come naturally anyway.
9. Read more- I used to read a lot but haven't read much lately.

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