January 10, 2012

Bookstore Disappointment

Every time I visit the local bookstore I feel disappointment. Like today for example. John Green's new book The Fault in Our Stars was released today and I went in at 10 to find it. No copies were out yet and when I asked about it, the woman who works there had to go in the back room to put out the whole 2 (2!) they ordered. What bookstore orders 2 books? It's on the bestseller list for crying out loud! No matter when I go in they are either rude or don't have what I'm looking for... sometimes both. OK, usually both.

If I was surrounded by books all day I would be in my happy place.

I want to live in this place

My guess is that the woman who works there is just in it for the paycheck. I think I should work there on weekends just so someone could be happy there. I would love to open a bookstore if I had the money. I just need to start buying lottery tickets... and get really lucky.

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