December 11, 2012

Cable TV Is Bad For Me

We had cable put in last week, bringing our available channels from 4 to 30+. Having more than 4 channels is great, but there are so many shows that I love watching.

But I don't love watching for a good reason. I have been watching HGTV, which is mainly snobby people looking at expensive houses or remodeling their house and complaining a lot. I like seeing the outcome, but the picky/snobbishness gets on my nerves. Watching people nit-pick their million dollar vacation home makes me shake my fist at them in frustration. If you don't like it that much you can always give it to me!

Now I can watch all my shows I used to have to watch online. It's nice. And I spend too much time with my television. We're dating now. He's a giver.

Help me.

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