December 15, 2012

Dog Sitting & Early Morning Wakeups

I'm watching my parent's dog this weekend while they're on a trip to see family. I never go anywhere so they ask me to watch the dog whenever they want to go anywhere.

I usually don't mind, except in the morning. Because my parent's wake up ridiculously early. The dog is used to that schedule. Hence, I am woken up earlier than I want to so she can be fed and let outside. I kind of remember this from when we had our dog, but she was nice and slept in a little later. I miss my dog, but I don't miss having a dog, if that makes sense.

I need to stop and sniff everything any dog
has peed on ever...

It didn't matter much anyway because the neighbors are at their usual level of loud this morning. I think they are throwing their child at the wall. He yells loudly about something and then it sounds like a 40 pound child is hitting the wall at high speeds. Or he's hitting the wall with one of those giant sledge hammers they have at carnivals to test your strength. Either way I want it to stop.

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