September 3, 2012

My Cat Is Stalking Me

Or I guess I should say, she's following me for cat treats. She's turned into a junkie. I'm starting to get worried.

She's always watching
I came home from the store to find her watching me out the window. Cat's are creepy.

I blame my husband for the new craziness. He decided we didn't spoil the cat enough. Good job dear. Now she's a junkie just looking for her next fix. Next thing I know she'll be pawning my jewelery for a line of catnip. I'll have to start locking up the liquor and pills. She'll bring home some scruffy boyfriend named Jackknife who I won't be able to get rid of until she hops on the back of a tiny motorcycle and drives away. Heartbroken... I'm going to have an intervention. I think there's still time to help her before she goes too far.

Proof she's addicted
Sorry my voice is in the video. Not for any particular reason,
I just don't like it.

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