September 17, 2012

I'm Thankful: That I Avoided Terror On My Birthday

Some people in my town have decided that my birthday would be a good time to do a "Zombie Walk." Thankfully, I found out about it ahead of time.

I don't want to see this on my birthday... or any day, really.

Zombiewalk @ Comic Con 2012
If I saw people looking like this coming 
towards me without warning I'd cry

I can't even explain how thankful I am that I found out about this or I would have been found 4 days later holed up in my house waiting for the end. I mean, I have a plan for when zombies attack, but when it comes down to it I'll probably just huddle in a corner in my basement.

So on my birthday this year, I'm taking the day off... I'll also be posting signs everywhere because I'm usually the last to find out about things and I don't want anyone surprised by people walking around like zombies. Because I'm a caring person.

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