January 14, 2013

Running from Zombies: Missions 3-5

Building up the base

The purpose of Mission 3 was to have zombies chase you away from the base because the gates are stuck open. You go out with Runner 8 to lure zombies towards you and get them to follow you as far away as possible. Along the way she tells you how suspicious your coming there is.

It crashed once but I was able to continue where I was before. The crappy part for me was the play list started over from the beginning. I'm picky about my music so listening to the same songs over again in a short amount of time was annoying.

At the beginning of Mission 4 you find out that a child is wandering around on its own not far from the base. You are told that the parent was probably bitten and left the child so they could get as far away as possible before turning. You have to hurry to get the kid and bring them back before that herd of zombies gets there first.

Mission 5 has you running to warn the Brunswick group about the 70+ zombies heading their way. Communications are down, they don't know they're coming and they won't be able to see them until it's too late.

Running is getting a little bit easier the more I do it, but I'm still walking a lot. Being told to hurry definitely helps keep me focused.

App: "Lives are on the line! Run! Faster!"
Me: "I'm trying but my lungs are burning. Also, I hurt and my legs are going numb... but I must save them! Save ALL the people!"

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