January 17, 2013

Kids Are Gross Little Drunk People

As I watched my niece eat a disgusting amount of ketchup off her fork instead of eating it with her hotdog, I realized that kids were gross. I already think people are gross in general, but kids take the cake.

Mmmmmmm... cake. Sorry. FOCUS, Laura.

I can't wait until my niece can go to the bathroom on her own so I don't have to change any more diapers. I was babysitting and she had some kind of explosion. Like a 40 year old man just ate a bunch of burritos and this was the outcome. All I could think, other than don't puke on your niece, was "how does someone so tiny do something as terrible as this?!"

She's 2, so you can barely understand what she says and she walks around like she's drunk, constantly bumping into things. And sometimes she shouts really loud for no reason when she's talking to you.

She's happy with socks on her hands

At least her "hangovers" end in nap times. I look forward to nap times...