August 16, 2012

My Fortune Cookie Is Making Me Paranoid

I got a fortune today that didn't bother me at first, but now that I've started to think about it I can't stop.

Don't screw with me, cookie. Tell me what you know!
Cookie: "Your lost possession will be found within the month"
Me: What? WTF! Did I lose something that I don't know about?
Me: Don't screw with me, cookie!
Me: Tell me what you know!

The cookie couldn't answer me because 1) I had broke it in half and killed it to get the fortune in the first place and 2) because it's a f*#king cookie. I'm not crazy here, guys...

But now I'm trying to remember if I lost anything that needed finding. I'm sure if I go looking though all of my stuff I'll find something I didn't remember I had. Does it still count as lost if you forgot you had it? Either way I hope it's something good.

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