August 22, 2012


I’m not as Internet savvy (internavvy? Yup, I’m gonna call it that from now on) as I thought I was. Just yesterday I finally figured out how to put social networking icons on here. Do you see them? They’re on the upper right corner of my page.... I'll wait while you look. Seriously. I keep coming back to look at them and they’re not even the super cool kind. They’re just… regular. I did put a different one on my book blog, though. So, you know, there’s some progress anyway.

I used to think I had some internavvyness (I’m a word inventing genius!) but now I’m starting to doubt it. For work and my blog I try to keep up with what’s popular and test out different things (mainly social networks), but I feel out of touch at times. Is this how my parents feel? I remember getting frustrated with my dad because every time he tried to dial in (yes, I grew up with dial-up Internet and yes, it sucked) he thought the computer was broken. My sister and I used to have to coach him through every single time. This is how it usually went:

Dad: What is going on with this thing? Which one of you broke it?
Me: It’s not broken, Dad you have to connect it to dial-up first.
Dad: How do I do that?
Me: Click that icon (points)… same as every other time.
*Dad clicks once* You have to double click...
Dad: *Double clicks and dial-up sound begins* *Sighs* I hate this noise!
Me: I know, Dad. Everyone hates that noise.

Of course, this is a man that still can’t check his voicemail on his cell phone. I love you, Dad!

The "soothing" sounds of dial-up Internet
for those of us who remember it fondly (and by "fondly" I mean not at all)

I guess what I'm saying is, I can't let myself get out of touch. Especially with the Internet, the cyber-land that I love. I refuse to become that old lady that doesn't understand technology*.

*Note: I probably am going to become that old lady that doesn't understand technology

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