July 4, 2012

Pets: Sad & Awesome

My Jazzy died a couple of weeks ago. I miss her a lot and it really sucks.
Jazz at the beach in all her doggy glory
Good news is we still have the cat, who I'm pretty sure wants to kill me in my sleep loves me. We were talking about getting her a friend because she seems lonely now. I suggested a kitten and I want to give it an awesome name. Like Ferris Mewler (awesomely named cat owned by the Blogess) or- what my favorite idea was- Captain Amewica (Ah-mew-ick-ah). It's just awesome to say. Our cat would fight for America and kitty justice until he got sleepy.

Captain Amewica!
My husband wants to get an english bulldog but I think they're kind of ugly. I did say though that if we did get a bulldog he had to have a respectable gentlemanly name. Like Sir Winston Churchill. He wants the name Buzz Killington and that is a pretty awesome name, but even if we get one I may still call it SWC if it's a male and something ladylike if we get a female. Like Lady (or Dame)... I haven't come up with a name yet. But it's coming! No need to worry. I don't plan on getting another dog anytime soon. It's the naming part that's fun for me right now anyway.

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