March 2, 2012

When Did We Lose Our Rights as Women?

Why is the government not considering women's rights when it comes to birth control issues? When did they decide that we all need to go back to listening to the men folk and letting them make decisions for us?

Recently Rush Limbaugh (aka Ass Hat) said some very f-ed up things. He basically called a woman (Sandra Fluke) a slut because she wants to use birth control. If you haven't heard about it yet I linked to an article here. Apparently he thinks because a woman uses birth control she has sex more than a prostitute. But if men want to be protected all they have to do is spend a couple bucks on condoms... seems fair. And by "fair" I mean bullshit.

I needed birth control to regulate my period. I did not take this as an excuse to have sex. Actually, I didn't have sex until 2 years after I started taking it. But I guess that doesn't matter to the Ass Hat. Any woman who uses birth control and requests assistance for the cost, even if it is needed for health reasons, is a whore.

Sandra Fluke is a student at Georgetown and was speaking about the issues with the lack of coverage. I listened to what she said and it's terrible the things women have to face.

It seems like Ass Hat wasn't listening to what she had to say and just wanted to throw his own opinion in there and try to make her sound stupid. I wonder when was the last time he got any? Must have been awhile... must be why he's so angry. I could go on talking about this for a long time and I'm sure I'll write about this again because it makes me furious.

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