March 29, 2012

Adults Need a Nap Time Too...

I really, really want to take a nap right now. But I can't because I am in that age range where it is not accepted. If I was a kid or an old person I'd be set to go, but since I'm in my 20's I'm expected to be awake during "normal hours" like an "adult" or whatever. I don't know, I stopped listening.

But I need a nap time occasionally! I would even curl up under my desk and nap there... seriously. Though I'll never be this cute while I sleep.


(And yes, that was just an excuse to show a picture of a kitten. It's so cute!)

I think that naps are really underrated and could help solve problems.

Scenario: Angry boss yelling at everyone and acting like an ass hat.
Solution: Nap time. A chance to relax helps calm nerves. You can't be an ass hat when you're feeling chill.

Scenario: Employee is nodding off at their desk. Productivity goes down.
Solution: Nap time! Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to work (or get on tumblr)

Scenario: Mother about to flip shit because her kids are driving her crazy.
Solution: Nap time!!! For mommy and kids. Everyone will feel better when they wake up.

Nap time can solve so many problems! I say we need longer lunch breaks so we can get nap time in there. I would be way more productive anyway.

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