September 9, 2013

That's Not An Injury... That's Called Getting Older

My knees make noises sometimes (and then hurt) when trying to walk up stairs and at first my reaction was "oh my gosh I should go to the doctor! Something is wrong!" and then I remember that I'm not injured... I'm just getting older.

It's a depressing thought- my body is already starting to destroy itself. I'm literally starting to crumble, as all of us do with age. I know, I know... Way to start the week off with a depressing thought, Laura. I'm sorry but it's been on my mind! I'm not even 29 yet and I already have some grey hairs!

And it's not even that I necessarily mind getting older... the number doesn't bother me (yet). It's the fact that our bodies are like, "yeah I think I'm done with certain things, like letting you sleep thorough the night without making you get up to pee. And remember when you could stay up all night and not feel like death in the morning? That's over too. And by the way? Wrinkles and not being able to hold in your farts!" Because that's what's next.

But then I see those people who obviously don't give a shit. When I went to the store today, there was a guy in front of me in the checkout line that was in a motorized chair, using an oxygen tank, and he bought a pack of cigarettes. Guess how many fucks that guy gave... the answer is zero! Good for him I guess if he doesn't want to prolong his life at all. But I want to see more stuff so I think I'll avoid where his life has lead.

Holy shit am I cheery today. Yay, Mondays!

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