July 29, 2013

And Then They Forgot To Invite Me To The Class Reunion...

Nothing makes you feel good about yourself like being forgotten when invites are sent out for the 10 year High School reunion. Especially when you graduated with a class of 23. Yup, this JUST happened. They celebrated without me this past weekend. And it was a Facebook event page so it's not like they couldn't find my address.

The good news was that my Cousin was getting married so I had somewhere else to be anyway. However, nobody likes to be left out. It was like recess in Elementary school all over again. Nobody can claim I'm not a geek when I spent so many recesses by myself. I once spent an entire recess organizing the class library in alphabetical order by author. Take that self-righteous geeks!

I think I need this shirt

Now that I think about it they may not have forgotten at all. Maybe at some point they came across my blog and were like "she's weird, can we just not invite her?" Or they saw my blog and were so impressed by it that they were self-conscious and my awesomeness makes them feel bad. In that case, my apologies. I have to admit that my awesomeness is hard to contain and it can be overwhelming. But that awesomeness is also pretty restricted to the internet. It's confusing, I understand. I promise I'm still as awkward now as I was in school, but I only do that to make people feel better about themselves. Because I am a caring person. Yup, that's why.


  1. I still think you should load up a vehicle with water balloons full of something gross and play one-on-class dodgeball.

    I'd even fly down to help. We could terrorize your former classmates by asking literary themed questions and lobbing our balloons full of gross at them when they're inevitably wrong.

    I mean, your way is probably more grown up but mine is more fun and also will be really fun to explain to the local police.