April 16, 2013

Evil Doesn't Win

After the Boston bombings yesterday, I have mixed feelings. Part of me feels like the world is falling apart and that things are terrible; the other part feels inspired by those people who rushed in to help those who were hurt.

The thing is, there will always be bad people out there who are going to hurt others for whatever reason. But there are also people who are inherently good and will, without thought, help those in need. I am sad about what happened. I am sad for the people who were hurt. I am sad for the people who died and for their family and friends. But I am grateful that we, as human beings, can overcome sadness and terrible situations and stand together.

It does not matter where we are from or if we don't believe in the same God (or any God at all). Humanity as a whole can come together and care for each other. We can come together and crush out the bad. The good in people can help heal what the bad has caused. Evil doesn't win and I am thankful for that.

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