February 1, 2013

This is Important (Chocolate Stuff & Harry Potter)

I wanted to talk about something important today. And what is more important than human rights? There is a lot of stuff as important, I'm not saying there isn't. I'm just talking about human rights today. Specifically, fair labor practices... of chocolate.

You know what? I think I might have a hard time explaining this. So here's a video by YouTube vlogger italktosnakes about what I want to talk about that can explain it better than I could.

In the video Kristina talks about the petition Show us the Report. If this is something you're interested in please follow the link there and sign. The Harry Potter Alliance is a great organization so if it sounds like something you'd be interested in, please check that out, too.

To find out more about fair trade products, visit fairtradeusa.org

The talk about fair trade has me thinking more about the products I purchase. Most of the things I buy are either because I really like them or because I need it and it's cheap. If I can take just a couple of the things I like (chocolate for example) and spend a bit more on it to make sure I'm not adding to someone else's difficulty and instead make the decision to make sure it's fair... I think it would make me feel better. It's selfish and it's not at the same time. I'm from a small town so it's hard to find around here, but a quick check online points me to places I can order from.

If you order from somewhere like Amazon you pretty much have to order bigger amounts (10-12 bars) but who wants just one bar of chocolate? Just a few examples you can get (fair trade and organic) are: Theo Classics, Equal Exchange, Divine Chocolate.... the list goes on and on. Fair Trade USA also lists fair trade partners in the US.

Just something to think about. The more you know or something... Now I'm going to go buy some chocolate!

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