October 4, 2012

Unemployment Depression Begins

I was laid off my job a week ago. It sucks and I'm having a hard time finding something else. I'm also finding that depression is an easy thing for me to fall into. I've had some issues with depression in the past, but I've been able to pull myself through. Part of that is keeping myself busy. With less distractions, I have more time to think. Too much thinkie thinkie is not good for me.

The good news is, if I can find things to do during the day (and not sleeping in late every day) I should be able to get a lot done around my house. I can finally work on my zombie apocalypse novella! I probably won't anyway... I just have a hard time with that. It's so awful I don't even want to look at it.

Hopefully I can get back to work soon. My husband is also on unemployment right now and being around him this much makes me want to punch him in the face on a daily basis. It gets worse every day. Seriously... just listening to him eat lunch today had my nerves fraying. I can't take much more of this guys.

My sillyness is getting amplified

But he's been on unemployment longer so I think he needs to go back to work first. It's only fair.

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