January 14, 2019

I'm Having That "Motivation" Problem Again

How do you motivate yourself to do something you don't want to do and still be happy about it? I've said this a million times before, but I need to workout. The problem is, I also hate getting myself into the process of working out. I imagine that's a problem a lot of us normal folks have unless you're one of those fitness people who talk about going to the gym all. the. time. You know them...

"I had such a good workout" blah blah blah. I don't like them. They make me feel inadequate. Listen, Fitness Jenny, I'm chubby but also too lazy and tired to get up early in the morning thank you very much. It's a mix of that and my husband and I working opposite schedules so my time to myself when I'm not working is basically zero. But still, that's an excuse. Also it's, like, super cold out there right now?

I found an app that’s pretty cool and there was one motivational quote I thought might help.

 I suppose that's true and should be good motivation. Unless you're pushing yourself to do more drugs. Then definitely don't push yourself to do that one because then tomorrow could include jail time, a hospital visit, or death. Maybe push yourself to do less or no drugs? I'm not judging you, just saying.

So I made these to motivate myself instead...

Although I don't like when I'm mean to myself either so maybe I should be nicer. But being nice to myself by being an enabler doesn't help. Maybe I can be a little bit of a dick to myself to get me to do something. What helps you not be enabled to eat the rest of the junk food in front of you because "if I eat it all it will be gone which means I can't eat it later." And then I feel awful because "why did I eat so many gummy bears? My stomach hurts and I think I have a sugar buzz." As an example. I only maybe most likely actually did that for real yesterday. As an example.

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