March 25, 2014

Quarter-life Crisis

I can't be having a "mid"-life crisis yet because I'm too young for that, so I'm going to call it a quarter-life crisis instead.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I would like things to be different, but because I haven't done more than think about it while wearing sweatpants and watching TV, nothing has changed. Nothing against sweatpants, those things are warm miracles of comfort.

I'm trying to make future plans, most of which require me to have something more than an associate's degree in bullshit (liberal arts- what is that shit even supposed to be in anyway?). So, I might be going back to college for a bachelor's. I'm ridiculously scared when I don't need to be, but I thought I was done with homework! And my student loan is so close to being paid off that I'm a little bit hesitant to start piling on more debt. But I'm going to be 30 this year so maybe that's why I'm freaking out and thinking about babies. Stop it, brain.

I'm really wishing now that I just would have followed through right after my associate's when I originally wanted to. And then 7 years went by and I still haven't returned. This would have been easier when I was younger and had more energy. "Youth is wasted on the young." -George Bernard Shaw

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