March 8, 2013

Distraction Leads to Accidental Cold Showers

I had an accidental cold shower this morning. How does one accidentally take a cold shower? Did you forget where the hot and cold knobs were? Well if you would calm your shit down and be patient I would tell you.... And don't be a smart ass.

So it went like this.

I got up to take a shower this morning as one does before work when I thought I would browse Pinterest on my phone while the water got hot. 10 minutes later I'm still standing there looking at pins when I snapped out of it.

Stop distracting me!
Before you get on my case for wasting water, I KNOW! I feel bad enough as it is. You don't have to be a dick about it.

So when I finally woke up from a pinterest nap the water had gotten cold. Not having time to wait because I had to get ready for work, I took the quickest shower of my life. I had to make myself stick my head under by saying "you've done this to yourself!"

Luckily my husband doesn't get up to take his shower until 30-45 minutes later or I would have had to explain why the water was the temperature of my heart.

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