February 9, 2012

My First Movie Star Crush

I think that most girls first have a crush on boys closer to their age. I, however, am strange. I know now that I am a nerd, but when I was younger I just knew that I loved Star Wars. And what's not to love, really? I did not have a crush on Luke Skywalker (even though he does have an awesome last name). My first crush was on Han Solo or, more specifically, Harrison Ford. Apparently I had a thing for older men... and jerk attitudes.

Look at him in all his manly glory

Indiana Jones was another favorite. He was smart and tough and carried a whip. Indiana Jones got me interested in archaelolgy. And that hat. Seriously, it's amazing. He was just so rough and sexy. The funny thing was that I liked him and I liked to watch his movies, but when you're little you see things a different way. I didn't want to kiss him or anything, I just wanted to hang out and help him save the day. Plus I thought he was cute. Which (lets face the facts here) is a little disturbing to me now. But 27 year old me still agrees with 8 year old me... he was hot stuff.

Crack that whip, baby!

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