June 24, 2011

Time Travel Ponderings

Sometimes I think about time travel. It interests me but I'm not quite sure why. Maybe because there is no answer. It's complicated. Very complicated. It's the never ending question, like chicken or the egg, that keeps me thinking about it.

Such as, if someone did have the ability to go back in time and change something, would we notice the change now? Or maybe because it was changed it would become our reality and we would have no idea. Would a change in time create an alternate reality? Paradoxes are even more confusing to me.

Maybe someone had to go back in time in order for things to happen the way they have.

It's like a spiral.

A never ending time spiral. I'm not high, I swear.

I think about things too much. I think my brain needs to chill out on the spiraly thoughts. It starts to hurt after awhile.

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