May 27, 2011

Leave Me Alone So I Can Watch Doctor Who

I get teased by my husband a lot for liking Doctor Who. I feel like a little bit of a nerd for being a fan of the Doctor (David Tennant is my fav) but I can't help it. I am totally in love with the Doctor and I want him to take me away in his TARDIS.

I'm a Tennant fangirl. Take my away, Doctor!

He's brilliant, saves the world and can take you anywhere in the universe. Who wouldn't want some of that? Although I think that his brains make him a bit arrogant. I think the reason I love his season 4 companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) is because she brings him down a notch. SHE can make The Doctor feel like an idiot. Love! BTW she had a show (The Catherine Tate Show) that was complete brilliance. She had so many hilarious characters and sketches. But I'm a fan of British humor (can't help it, my Great-Granddad was from there) and love all things British. Except some of the food. Blah. Also, Top Gear (American version= SUCK. British version= GENIUS), Torchwood and Sherlock (modern day gay Sherlock Holmes- what?) are great as well.

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